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Dr. Lili Gipson DC

Dr. Lili grew up in the small town of Tarpon Springs, Florida, near the Tampa Bay area.  My home town was small town USA, with a Greek flare.  I learned from a very early age the value of work, family, community, church, and reputation.  I also learned Greeks CAN cook. I’ve been an athlete all my life.  I love the outdoors, sports and good food. I lettered in 4 sports in high school. After finishing high school I was on my way to becoming a vet or MD. I went to a junior college, then on to the University of South Florida (which has recently been ranked as high as #2 in the BCS poll) Yahoo!  From there, I finished up at UF, ever closer to medical school, when I had an on the job back injury.  I jumped right into the medical route for a solution.  6 months later I was no better and a frustrated athlete.  I had continued with sports throughout college.  I was particularly frustrated by the MD’s pills and take it easy mentality.

I was turned on to Chiropractic by a friend.  At the time I thought she was nuts. Imagine me, a pre med student, at a DC’s office; I was after all programmed to look to the MD for answers, not my body.  After just one visit I was so much improved that a light bulb practically blew my head off.  I moved to Atlanta as fast as I could get out of town. I had to find out more about this Chiropractic stuff.

Life at Life Chiropractic College was more amazing than I can even put into words.  Things have only gotten better.  I continue to look to my past for strength.  My work is fun, important and satisfying.  My family is more than my gene pool; it’s my entire practice of clients and community.
I continue to be active in athletics.  I believe that motion is life and we all need more of it.